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Bioprogramming is theProprietary Technology Developed by Lumielina.

  • Technological Revolution
  • Beauty Revolution
Technological Revolution

Lumielina’s technology developed by physics research at the quantum level is called “Programming Technology.”

When considering physics, the structure of the natural world is supported by the quantum world composed of an observable macro world of 10-35m (Planck Length, or ℓP). Theoretically speaking, from this infinitely small micro-world perspective, it is possible to achieve dramatic breakthroughs accelerating scientific knowledge and development.

“Potential energy” exists in the natural world and the world of elementary particles. It is thought that the energy of elementary particles is stored in vacuums that exist in atoms, molecules, and nuclei. This system in nature, where the micro world dominates the macro world, is called a “hierarchical structure.” This hierarchical structure is made up of “fields.”

Nature moves with quantum mechanics. If you want to know the true state of nature, it is necessary to think and calculate in terms of quantum mechanics. The natural phenomenon of life and its origins are derived from quantum mechanics. When considering life in terms of quantum mechanics, one can anticipate that the state of being changes along with the “changes in the quantum fields.” Upon thorough investigation, when considering life itself in terms of quantum mechanics, one realizes that “life itself holds infinite possibilities,” far greater than what is generally recognized by present-day scientists.

What is a “field”?

Objects can transmit energy to each other even when not touching. Gravity affects the relationship between the Sun and the Earth, the Earth and the Moon, even between the Earth and a ball in the palm of one’s hand. Gravity is proportional to the amount of mass an object has.

For example, a ball in the air will fall toward the Earth because of gravity. Gravity is equally applied to the ball and the Earth, however as the Earth’s mass is far greater than the ball’s, inertial mass keeps the Earth from moving towards the ball. All objects, regardless of their properties, have gravity. This is called “gravitational mass” or “universal gravitation.

It is theoretically clarified by the Einstein’s discovery of Special Theory of Relativity that “time decelerates as speed increases,” and from the General Theory of Relativity, “time accelerates as the influence of gravity decreases,” or “time decelerates as gravity increases.”

Theoretically speaking, one second for a person located above the stars in a giant gravitational sphere rotating around the edge of a black hole would be an equal amount of time for a person on Earth. However, time passes much slower because of the stronger gravitational pull, such that one hour in space would equal several years for a person on Earth. Eventually, that one day could end up taking several decades. The space that transmits energy by gravitational effect, causing time to speed up or slow down is called a “field.” As the correlation of this space changes, so does the “space-time field.”

Using Lumielina’s technological theory, or “theoretical physics of space-time,” if one programs a “field of matter,” it becomes possible to derive new, never-before discovered functions which were innate in their respective forms of matter.

In metals, water, ceramics, or fibers, whatever kind of matter, by changing the “atomic field,” or “molecular field,” or a “field of organisms” made up of polymers, it is possible to derive new functions completely different from originally known functions.

Bioprogramming is the proprietary technology developed by Lumielina, unlike the generally-known term “biotechnology.” Whether it be ceramics, metals or plastics, plant extracts, or various chemical substances, when one implements “field programming,” it changes the “field” of each substance, component, and phenomenon. When cells are cultivated in an environment where the “field” is reprogrammed, thousands of different genetic combinations can change along with the “field correlation.” One can observe lifeforms immediately adapting to various environments, and genes mutually adapt to a “space-time field” environment where one can see life programming itself based on a sort of “blueprint.”

The phenomenon of changes which occur through biological programming on this micro level has been dubbed “Bioprogramming®” by Lumielina.


An informatic approach to life science is called “bioinformatics.” In bioinformatics, “bioprogramming” is the act of writing computer programs containing databases of genetic information based on algorithms created by bioinformatic research scientists to carry out their purposes. Thus, “bioprogramming” in terms of bioinformatic research has a different meaning from “Bioprogramming®” which refers to Lumielina’s proprietary research and technological inspection method of programming which happens through “programming technology” which occurs through the natural design of genetic phenomena.

Beauty Revolution

The Beauty Revolution by Bioprogramming

The ceramics in the Repronizer and HairBeauron devices are programmed with a “field” which calculates the fundamental physics theory of space-time. Lumielina is currently the only company in the world that can develop this kind of ceramics.

1. The Basic Technology of the Hair Dryer

Manufacturers must typically either increase the hair dryer’s wind power or the temperature to speed up the hair-drying process. However, increased wind power can cause over-dryness and damage, in addition to dullness and coarse texture of hair. What’s more, hot air is said to damage hair, as temperatures over 302 °F can cause denaturation of hair proteins. As increased wind power and speed in conventional hair dryers may damage hair, it becomes necessary to reduce the temperature of the wind coming out of the dryer’s nozzle.

2. The Phenomena When Using Bioprogramming Devices

The Repronizer is programmed with Bioprogramming technology. The device produces wind and heat, which typically damage hair. However, the more you use the Repronizer, the more shiny and moist your hair becomes. And even though the wind power is strong and hot, hair becomes soft and shiny instead of becoming over-dry. This is a completely different experience compared to using a conventional hair dryer. See for yourself what the Repronizer 4D Plus can do in this video.

Our technology is fundamentally different from any other technology developed before. The methodology behind developing Bioprogramming technology is also completely different from any other beauty device manufacturer.

You can see the amazing results of this technological development in the following video about the HairBeauron 4D Plus.

3. The Beauty Revolution has Begun

HairTimecess Shampoo, Treatment, and hair color, as well as SkinTimecess skin cream and essence, have created a “field” for programming technology of chemical substances and plant extracts.

Up until now, people who wanted to enjoy coloring their hair were faced with the dilemma of potentially damaging hair from exposure to the chemical components in hair color products. Thankfully, those days are gone. With ColorTimecess one can color their hair as often as they want, even every day.

Many people have suffered hair damage from using a myriad of products developed in the pursuit of beauty. This has also been a major concern for stylists at many hair salons. However, thanks to Bioprogramming technology, a new era has dawned where beauty-related technology can be repeatedly utilized, without damaging hair. This is the “Beauty Revolution” by Bioprogramming.