Product Registration

Product registration is required to extend the warranty period.
※ It is not necessary to register products purchased on the Bioprogramming Club website.

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Warranty Status

You can check the warranty status of products registered with Bioprogramming Club. Please login to check your warranty status.

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Contact Us

Please contact “Bioprogramming” for products and orders. For repair or damage, please contact the “Bioprogramming Information center.”

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Beware of fraudulent/unauthorized websites selling our products

Regrettably, fraudulent and unauthorized websites have been discovered which are selling our products, or items which resemble our products. As a result of purchasing from these sites, a variety of incidents have been reported (products don’t arrive, products appear to be used, products arrive without a warranty certificate, the customer is unable to contact the company who sold the item, etc.)

Please note our company takes no responsibility for purchases made on fraudulent or unauthorized websites. Furthermore, as a general rule, products purchased on unauthorized websites are ineligible to receive warranty status.

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Please use the official site for a safe shopping experience.