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Main Features

1 No Damage to Hair

Equipped with the “Bioprogramming” proprietary technology, the REPRONIZER makes your hair beautiful, lustrous, and shiny without damaging your hair.

2 Longer Use Makes Moist and Shinier Hair

One of the characteristics of the Bioprogramming technology that makes hair beautiful, is its ability to increase the density. The longer you use the Repronizer, the point of density increases. Instead of damage, your hair will become shiner, and more beautiful.

3 Cool Air Makes Beautiful, Shiny Hair

With Bioprogramming technology, damaged or dull hair is beautifully revived by switching between cool and hot air for an extended period of time. By continually aiming cool air at the scalp, it will bring out your hair’s natural, beautiful shine.


REPRONIZER 3D Plus is equipped with special ceramics designed by Lumielina and produced in Japan.  



Manufacturer’s Limited 6-month Warranty

Extended Warranty 1.5 Years※

※By registering the device, the six (6) month warranty is extended to eighteen (18) months when used correctly in accordance with the Bioprogramming Safety Guide and Operating Manual.


Product Name:  REPRONIZER 3D Plus
Model Name:  REP3D-G-US
Power Supply:  AC 125V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption:  1,200 W
Temperature:  230 °F (Warm Air)
Size:  9.0 (H) x 9.2 (W) x 4.1 (D) in.
(Excluding nozzle)
Weight:  Approx. 1.6 lb / 25.3 oz. (Excluding nozzle)
Safety Mechanism: Overheat prevention device (thermostat/thermal fuse)
Power Cord Length:  9 ft.
Accessories:  Nozzle x 1, Filter x 2
  • This product is designed for domestic use only; do not use overseas.
  • Stand is for display only / Not for sale.
  • Performance-based improvements in the use or design of the product may occur without advance notice.

Design and Technology by Lumielina in Japan / Assembled in Korea