Beware of fraudulent/unauthorized websites selling our products

Beware of fraudulent/unauthorized websites selling our products

When purchasing Bioprogramming products online be sure to look for the official emblems below, which indicate the website you are accessing is authorized to sell Bioprogramming products. To avoid purchasing an unauthorized or fake product, make sure to order from a Bioprogramming Club Members online store, or from one of our direct shops.


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Regrettably, fraudulent and unauthorized websites have been discovered which are selling our products, or items which resemble our products. As a result of purchasing from these sites, a variety of problems have ensued (products don’t arrive, products appear to be used, products arrive without a warranty certificate, the customer is unable to contact the company who sold the item, etc.)

Please note our company takes no responsibility for purchases made on fraudulent or unauthorized websites.

As a rule, products sold on fraudulent and unauthorized websites are ineligible to receive warranty status from our company. However, it has been discovered that certain fraudulent or unauthorized websites are offering their own warranty and repair services.

Bioprogramming is a very precise technology based on the elementary particle “field theory.” When repairs are conducted which ignore the nature of elementary particles, or when official parts are not used, the effectiveness of the product declines or is completely lost.

Such unofficial warranties and repairs that do not properly handle Bioprogramming technology cannot guarantee Bioprogramming’s proprietary technology, and are regarded as fraudulent acts, so please use caution when purchasing from such websites.