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S-Type (1.0 inch) / L-Type (1.4 inches)

The HAIRBEAURON 7D Plus [CURL] is the pinnacle of Bioprogramming design and capability, and represents the essence of the Bioprogramming Equation for Beauty.

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Main Features

Hair Becomes Beautiful at a High Temperature of 360°F

The HAIRBEAURON 7D Plus [CURL], equipped with the “Bioprogramming” proprietary technology, beautifully adds shine and moisture to hair, even by clamping hair for 30 seconds at 360°F. You will be able to notice a visible change in your hair from root to tip, just by clamping a section of hair for an extended period of time.

* If you apply the high-temperature device to hair treated with coating agents or oils, their components may cause chemical changes due to the heat and damage hair. Please do not use in this way.

* Please do not clamp a section of hair for more than 30 seconds when using the high-temperature setting.

Silkier Hair Each Time You Curl Hair

Bioprogramming technology makes hair beautiful by increasing the density. The more you use the device, the greater the lustre and moisture. Enjoy beautiful, shiny hair with a silk-like feel.

Beautiful Curls Without High Temperatures

You can create beautiful and long lasting curls, even without high temperatures.

Depending on the nature of your hair, curls made at a low temperature of 120°F may not hold their shape well. In that case, please try the mid-temperature range (180 °F to 240 °F). If you wish to create well-defined curls, please use the 360 °F setting.

Reshape Curls Without Damage

Unlike conventional curling irons, you do not need water or styling products to re-curl your hair. Curl and re-curl with this device until you achieve the desired hairstyle.

Beautiful Hair At Any Age

For those in their thirties to sixties who have stopped using hair irons because of hair type, aging or damage, this device gives hope. Once again enjoy beautiful curls and effortless hair design.

The Bioprogramming Equation for Beauty

P(Power of Beauty)/n(Power of Design Technology)/D(Density)/t(Time)

How to Increase the P-Value

(Power to Become Beautiful)

 Increase the D (Density)

The higher the level of Bioprogramming, the higher the density. By using together with other Bioprogramming products, the density is even further intensified (Mitsudonose technique).

 Lengthen the t (Time)

The density of the quantum field is maintained the more time (t) the device is used, increasing hair’s power to become beautiful.

$650 USD

Device Specs


HAIRBEAURON 7D Plus [CURL] is equipped with special ceramics designed by Lumielina and produced in Japan.

Limited Warranty

Manufacturer’s Limited 6-month Warranty

Extended Warranty 1.5 Years※

※By registering the device, the six (6) month warranty is extended to eighteen (18) months when used correctly in accordance with the Bioprogramming Safety Guide and Operating Manual.

Product Name:


S-Type (1.0 inch) / L-Type (1.4 inches)

Type Name



Power Supply

AC 100V – 240V, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

S-Type: 48W

L-Type: 58W


120°F – 360°F


13.8 (H) × 2.4 (W) × 3.4 (D) inches

(Excluding cord)


S-Type: Approx. 0.9 lb. / 14.5 oz.

L-Type: Approx. 1.1 lb. / 17.8 oz.

Safety Mechanism

Current Fuse

Power Cord Length:

9 ft.


Stand x 1

  • Performance-based improvements in the use or design of the product may occur without advance notice.
  • The device can be used in any country/region that has A-2 electrical outlets.
  • When using the device in a region that does not have A-2 electrical outlets, use a commercially-available international plug adapter (It is not possible to convert the voltage).

Design and Technology by Lumielina in Japan / Assembled in Korea

The concept of Ri (理) represents the truth

which the natural world is built upon.

Ri exists within every person. Through the power of Ri,

the true beauty of life can be realized

along with all of its elaborate and mysterious intricacies.

It is thought that in the natural world

everything in creation flourishes because of Ri.

Ri is an integral part of people’s lives,

and those who realize this will strive

to better understand its true meaning.

The journey to truly understand Ri

is at the source of one’s desire for beauty,

and ignites a burning passion for Shinbi (真美), or ideal beauty.

Honshitsubi (本質美) represents the beauty which manifests itself

as life approaches the infinite essence of Ri,

and the Ri within oneself reaches a level of abundance.