Bioprogramming Equation for Beauty

Bioprogramming’s design capability has reached the 4D level,
in the form of the Repronizer 4D Plus, which enables you
to experience numerous amazing and incredible experiences
in how hair quality can beautifully transform.

By increasing the wind power and wind pressure, a “field”
representing the density of beauty and strong wind is created,
and the power to become more beautiful (“P value”) is amplified.

Conventional blow dryers use wind power and wind pressure to dry hair, but this results in hair becoming overdried and damaged.

The Repronizer 4D Plus employs Bioprogramming’s basic design technology together with wind power and wind pressure, which is represented by the Bioprogramming Equation for Beauty: P=λ(4D)t.

As a result, the more time (t) strong wind is in contact with the hair, the product of “wind density x time” is figured into the P value,
and hair becomes even more beautiful.

< Experience for yourself the difference between the Repronizer and a conventional blow dryer. >


<< Technique to maximize effectiveness of the wind pressure of the Repronizer 4D Plus >>

An increase in wind power and wind pressure will boost air density, thus increasing the P value and making hair even more beautiful. Please try the following technique:

1. Grasp the ends of your hair with one hand.
2. Use the Repronizer 4D Plus to blow air on the hair from either the inside or outside making a parachute shape as the hair cups the air.
3. This will then increase the density of the air pressure, thus increasing the power of “P” and making the hair more beautiful.